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Skin Creation
Skin Creation and Website Development

Skin Creation is one of the fastest ways to deploy a site. You deliver us a custom design or template and we create a dynamic web site Skin from it. Once the Skin is imported to your dbCanvas web site,  you can add pages and content without further template tuning or reconstruction that requires a web developer. 

Our Skin creation services start at $295, all we need is a design from you.  This can be in the form of a PSD document (photoshop with layers) or a web site Template that you've purchased.

Skin Creation

Pricing for Website Development

Service Base Development Cost
Custom Website Skin Development $295.00*

This is the transition of your artwork to a functional website skin. This work is based on a screenshot format PSD being provided. Once your skin is created, you can add multiple pages to your website with the dbCanvas sitemap. Your sites navigation will be automatically generated based on the site layout you create (which can be changed at any time). 

W3C web standards compliant and optimized for search engine performance.

Splash Page Development $130.00*

Customized Introduction/Splash page to be added to your website skin. Price will vary based on the complexity and functionality of the splash page.

Search Engine Submission $99.00

One time fee. We submit your website to over 400 major search engines. This process only needs to be done once. After your site is submitted you will not have to resubmit your website.

* Prices are based on basic development. Actual costs will vary depending on the level of development required to complete the project.

Implementation in Little Time

Skin creation and implementation takes 1-5 days in most cases.  Some Skins with more complex layouts or features like splash pages take a little longer.  Your PSD formated design or template that you've purchased is turned into a dynamic Skin that can grow with your site for years to come. 

Crafted to the Highest Standards. 

  • Your Skin will be W3C compliant.
  • Will be tested on PC/MAC platforms to ensure cross browser compatibility.
  • dbCanvas Hosting natively provides the foundation for proper search engine optimization.


Starting at $295


dbCanvas Hosting Packages

Truly Dynamic Skins

There are many solutions available that help make the web site design process faster.  In the end, most of these processes still require more work from a web developer, some more than others. There is a better way.  

The web site Skin system we use has many advantages.

  • We develop the look of your site 1 time and eliminate the need for a web developer to redo your site or perform template tuning when you add new pages. 
  • The entire site is adjusted as soon as you add a new page, no need for a developer to go through each page to add your links. 
  • The link bar (your site navigation bar) reads your site's pages from the database, then builds the appropriate links on the fly. This makes the navigation system of your web site reliable, hassle free and easy to use.

With a dynamic web site Skin, the biggest advantage is the time and money you save. You maximize your productivity, and decrease your overall costs. Put your focus on the message you have and let your website grow to its full potential!



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Skin Creation
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